Cosy Cottage Shower Steamer Lozenges with Essential Oil Blends


No room for a bath, no time for a bath? No problem at all, with these novel essential oil blend shower steamers!

The CC shower steamer lozenges have been especially designed to give you an indulgent, relaxing spa experience in your daily shower.

A little bit of loveliness, easily popped into the busiest of schedules, each and every day.



Is it right for me?

Each 27g lozenge will last for up to three showers and we’re delighted to offer them in handy packs of two lozenges, contained within a biodegradable, transparent bag. This unique essential oil blend of steam distilled, plant based essential oils, has been created by to remind you of a summer seashore, in warm sunshine, bathed by a soft, relaxing breeze.

How to use:

Just pop one lozenge in the base of your shower, away from being washed directly by the shower spray, and allow it to gently dissolve slowly, while releasing our exclusive essential oil aroma into the shower space or cubicle.

Cosy Cottage Shower Steamer Lozenges with Essential Oil Blends
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