Cosy Cottage Nourishing Conditioner Roundel


A best-selling cocoa butter and sweet orange Conditioner Roundels. The combination of cocoa butter and sweet orange essential oil provides a gorgeous chocolatey-orange scent to the solid conditioner.

Make the switch to plastic and plam oil free haircare. The bars last longer than your average bottle of conditioner as Cosy Cottage do not add water to any products. So, you will find that you not need as much as high street products; as a little goes a long way.


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Is it right for me?

Are you ready to make the switch to plastic and plam oil free haircare? If yes, then it’s right for you!

This is a vegan product.

Complimented well with the Cosy Cottage Shampoo Bars.


How to use:

The solid Shampoo and Conditioner bars are good for the environment and great for your hair. They contain no palm oil, detergents, colouring, artificial additives nor preservatives and are packaged plastic free.


Here are some top tips to help you make the adjustment from traditional products…


1. Tiny Amounts.

As these products contain no water, they are super-concentrated; and a little goes a very long way. Using too much shampoo or conditioner are the most frequently made mistakes!


2. Gentle Lather.

Build a gentle shampoo lather or a thin layer of conditioner on your hands, before massaging or combing through your hair.


3. Rinse Thoroughly.

As the products contain no detergent (SLS or SLES), you need to rinse very, very thoroughly.


4. Time.

Hair may be covered in the residues from non-natural products and is frequently stripped of its natural oils. It can take time for your hair and scalp to rebalance.

Conditioner Roundel
Cosy Cottage Nourishing Conditioner Roundel
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