Natural Loofah Discs


A set of six natural loofah discs. Ideal for cleansing, massaging and exfoliating the skin, including the face. Particularly helpful for clearing clogged pores or greasy areas. Makes a great facial combination with the Shea Butter Facial Soap.

These products are grown on a pesticides free farm in Southern Turkey.


Is it right for me?

The pads can be used as part of your daily skin care routine to deep cleanse, unblock pores and remove impurities. Loofah is the dried fibrous interior of a fruit that resembles a marrow. It is totally natural and biodegradable, so these pads are a good choice for those who strive to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom.


How to use:

Wet with warm water, apply facial soap or cleanser and gently massage skin in a circular motion. Rinse in clean running water and leave to dry naturally after every use.

Natural Loofah Discs
Natural Loofah Discs
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