Cosy Cottage Honey & Rosehip Oil Face Cream


This rich, moisturising honey and rosehip oil face cream is made entirely from natural ingredients, without any artificial additives, palm oil or added water.

This unique product is enriched with a glorious blend of eight, luxurious, natural ingredients, each imbued with valuable and complementary properties to enrich, nourish and repair delicate facial skin.



Is it right for me?

Suitable for anyone looking for a rich moisturiser, particularly those with dry or sensitive skin.


How to use:

The deeply nourishing formulation is suitable for day or nighttime use.

The richness of the product means you only need a little, at each application.

You may wish to allow the product to be absorbed for a couple of minutes before applying SPF & make-up.

Cosy Cottage Honey & Rosehip Oil Face Cream
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