About Us

The Skincare Club is the inclusive skincare community you never knew you needed.

The Skincare Club has been founded by Independent Nurse Prescriber Beth Hall, whose aim is to build a worldwide community of skincare lovers to share, enjoy and educate all things skin.

Beth has an extensive background in medical aesthetics, coupled with a passion for skin. After several years of spotting lots of misinformation about skincare products across the internet, and after seeing many patients’ struggle with the immense amount of information available; Beth was determined to create a platform to support with this.

Skincare no longer needs to be a struggle. Through The Skincare Club, our aim is to support you to understand your skin better, discover what your skin needs, and enjoy the socialising along the way.

You are invited to connect with us (and each other!) across our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

You are invited to join The Skincare Club.

Why are we different?

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we have purposely curated our selection of products. We are not like any other skincare shop. We have hand-picked the products that you see on our online store, as we believe that they can offer you something that you can’t access from other skincare companies.

We don’t offer any products that we wouldn’t (or don’t already!) use on our own skin.

We work closely with our brands – such as PCA Skin, Neostrata & BAO – and can guarantee that all products are genuine and sourced from official distributors.

We encourage you contact us, as experienced skincare practitioners, for advice & support on your skin.

Please note that though we love ALL of our products; all advice you receive will be impartial and unbiased.

We are proud of the fact that we take a holistic view of the skin, encompassing both medical-grade and natural/organic products. Across our platforms, you will see information relating to both of these perspectives.